Our Corporate Membership packages are designed for you and your team members to enjoy amazing global opportunities, with a mix of business and recreational activities to suit your tastes. The Red Star Belgrade Rugby League Club Corporate Membership will be a Corporate Membership in our sport like no other. We will deliver a range of special privileges and opportunities, with business-class service and access to facilities that provide your business the European and UK edge that it deserves.
Our corporate membership is all about bringing you closer:


Closer to new markets and opportunities for your business.


Closer to the action with Red Star Belgrade Rugby League Club.


Closer to the building of lasting legacies in rugby league in Europe for young men and women.


Closer to the building of a Smart Club – if you join us, we will show you how!


Closer to our business leaders and premium networking opportunities.


Closer to the UK and Europe.


Red Star Belgrade Rugby League Club Corporate Membership provides an inviting and exclusive environment for all global and local businesses, no matter where you are.

You can show your passion and get involved in the instant creation of a local and global network of sporting and rugby league alumni and business men and women who are proven leaders in their fields. There will be a focus on fine dining experiences and the very best in corporate entertainment, as well as landmark sporting moments to attend, or have exclusive access to view live or on-demand. In 2019, we will re-write history and you and your team deserve to be part of it!

"A Smart Club"

There really is no other corporate sporting membership like this in the world. In 2019 you will gain exclusive access to our club and understand how we are one of the driving forces in the creation of a European Super League for Men and Women’s competitions and the development of Red Star Belgrade Rugby League Club as a “Smart Club”. With you, we want to build the world’s favourite rugby league expansion team and help the solid expansion of the sport in Europe!
With the Red Star Belgrade Rugby League Club Corporate Membership you will receive:
  • Ten transferable membership cards and packages
  • General admission to all Red Star Belgrade Rugby League Club matches in 2019, anywhere in the world, including Challenge Cup matches we play.
  • A fully-catered suite at your choice of home events in Belgrade or in England in 2019.
  • A complimentary table for up to ten guests at our Annual Awards night in Belgrade in November 2019.
  • A signed and framed 2019 Challenge Cup jersey – this will be an amazing piece of memorabilia.
  • Invitation to all Red Star Belgrade Rugby League Club Business Leaders Lunches and Forums in 2019, where you will hear first-hand our visions for our Smart Club, and you will hear other business leaders talk about their journeys in life and business.
  • Attendance at business workshops and plenary sessions to assist you/your business to access the growing Serbian and Central European consumer markets.
  • Discounted travel and accommodation to Belgrade with selected airline and hotel partners.
  • Members e-news letter subscription for the nominated account holder and any additional persons nominated who agree and accept to having our e-news letter sent to their email address.
  • Members only promotion and the inside gossip on our performance as a Company and our adherence to our KPI’s through our International Executive Membership (IEM) Group.
  • Discounted merchandise throughout 2019.

If you want to be a part of history and to have your name and your company associated with the planned expansion of rugby league through Europe with Red Star Belgrade Rugby League Club, this membership is for you and your Company.


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